Social Media Expert

17 January 2013

We found a Social Media Expert. You’ll be pulling for her.


>> Well you asked me to bring in a social media expert.
>> And I think I found the perfect candidate.
>> I’d like you to meet Julie.
>> Hey, Julie.
>> Hello, Julie.
>> Well we are excited to add a social media expert to our team.
>> How long have you been working at social media?

>> Oh.
>> [SOUND]
>> Facebook.
>> Oh.
>> Interesting.
>> Now, what were you doing before you got involved with social media?
>> [SOUND] Foursquare.
>> [LAUGH]
>> She’s good.
>> Very nice uh.
>> I have a question, how do we separate the
>> hype from the reality, when it comes to show.
>> Pinterest.
>> Wow.
>> Impressive stuff, I gotta say.
>> You know what, I am going to right down a number on a piece of paper here.

>> What do you think of that?

>> Oh we are playing hardball.
>> I get it.
>> I respect that.
>> What’s it gonna take?
>> [SOUND] Twitter.
>> She’s worth it.

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