Public Service

30 April 2014

Success means you need to give back. For example, offering design critiques to those who are less fortunate.


>> I’m a firm believer in public service.

>> It’s probably my Scandinavian heritage.
>> But I truly believe that to whom
>> much is given, much one should deliver back.
>> And that’s why I constantly give free design critiques to homeless people.
>> So many homeless people today use too much text on their homeless signs.
>> Oh, I lost my job.
>> Oh, my wife left me.
>> Oh, I’m a war veteran, blah, blah, blah, blah.
>> I don’t have time for it, all right.
>> You need to stick to the point.
>> I want money.
>> Think about user interface too, donation options.
>> Most of the times it’s just a tin can.
>> Give me a PayPal account.
>> Give me a kick starter.
>> Think of a subscribe button for me to donate more in the future.
>> Think about the user interface and how to give
>> your subscribers more options for donations for your better life.

>> And look at your layout, have you even heard of a grid?

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