Pre-Roll Problems [Sponsored by Ebuzzing]

4 December 2013

Watching too many pre-roll ads? Then you may be suffering from PTSD – Pre-roll Traumatic Stress Disorder. (Sponsored by Ebuzzing, the global experts in online video advertising.)


>> Please.
>> Please.
>> Please.
>> Kill me right now.
>> Put me out of my misery.
>> What happened to him?
>> PTSD.
>> Preroll Traumatic Stress Disorder.
>> He just wanted to watch some videos but all those preroll ads got to him.
>> Just show it, show it to me.
>> [SOUND]
>> Look, you idiots, you keep showing me
>> the exact same ad over and over again.
>> And, and now he’s the least interesting man in the world.
>> Okay fine, Cuba imports their cigars from him.
>> You know what?
>> Why don’t you import the video I want into my eyeballs?
>> Thank you.
>> No!
>> No.
>> I’m not having feminine hygiene problems.
>> My hygiene problems are extremely manly.
[NOISE] Just you.
>> Just give it to me.

>> Ten.
second preview for a 12 second video?
>> Do you understand math?
>> That’s like having to watch a 12 hour commercial before a 90 minute movie.
>> Or if it was a Lord Of The Rings
>> marathon you’d have to watch a six month commercial.
>> I would die waiting for Frodo.
>> Show IT!
>> Show it!
>> Start!
>> What did I ever do?
>> What did I do to you to deserve this?
>> You Monster!
>> Suck it!
>> Why can’t I skip this.
>> I, I’m a hostage.
>> Release me from Guantanamo I’m not a terrorist.

>> Yeah, you’d think they’d figure out a better
>> way than random preroll ads that just annoy the viewer.
>> That’s why we’re using eBuzzing for our videos.
>> They distribute the videos in an environment
>> where people actually wanna watch it, like,
>> in the middle of an article or on a blog on the same subject.
>> And you know it’s relevant because they’re already on the topic.
>> Five.
>> Four.
>> Three.
>> Two.
>> One.
>> How to do the cowboy boogie?
>> [MUSIC]
>> Twirl and twirl.
>> Twirl and twirl.
>> Left.
>> And left.
>> Right.
>> One, opposite, knee, knee.
>> Now twirl.

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