Power Suit

17 January 2013

In the tech world, the worst dressed guy in the room is usually the most powerful.


>> Thank you.
>> We’ll be in touch.
>> Okay.
>> Thank you.
>> Thank you.
>> Take care.
>> Bye bye.
>> Bye.
>> So which one of those guys was the owner of the company?
>> Yeah.
>> The guy in the shorts and sneakers.
>> Really?
>> Yeah.
>> There’s a saying in the tech world, the guy
>> who’s the worst dressed is usually the most powerful.
>> Seriously?
>> Yeah, I mean, when you have real confidence
>> and power, you don’t care about how you’re dressed.

>> Right.
>> Interesting.

>> What’s up, ladies?
>> Hope I’m not late for the status meeting.
>> I was busy pulling this bathrobe out of a dumpster.
>> No big deal, you know, comfort’s kind of
>> my, my number one these days, you know.
>> Uh, hey girls, what’s up?
>> Should probably get off my feet soon
>> because these shoes are filled with rats.
>> Rats, that’s nothing.
>> This thing’s crawling with bedbugs with malaria.
>> What’s more confident than having malaria?
>> Whatever.
>> You know, I don’t know if these are white pants with [SOUND] on
>> them, brown pants with [SOUND’ on them
>> or [SOUND] pants with nothing on them,
>> Well, yeah, you know what?
>> What’s more confident than no clothes at all?
>> Am I right?

>> Aw, so this is happening now?
>> Nice tie, dude.
>> Next week, why don’t you try looking a little bit more confident?
>> Yeah.
>> Hey intern, I got an idea for you.
>> Clean that up.
>> [LAUGH].
>> Here use this.
>> I’m gonna need that back though cuz that’s also my underwear.

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