Our Mission

27 February 2013

Vooza’s mission is to do something meaningful and make the world a better place – the way corporations have always done. Listen up as Vooza’s Senior VP of Marketing explains the ideals that guide our company.


>> The team we have is incredible.
>> I’m proud to say that every member of our
>> team has over 20 years of experience building mobile apps.
>> That’s hard to find.
>> At Voosa we want to do something
>> meaningful and make the world a better place.
>> The way corporations have always done.
>> You can see it in our mission statement, to revitalize
>> local communities, to create real connections, to stop hunger in Africa.
>> Some might say, Vooza, isn’t that the app that stole my
>> information and sold it to Eastern European spammers, I mean maybe.
>> But that’s not what we’re all about.
>> It’s more than that.
>> Vooza is all about connecting people
>> with other like-minded people which is incredible.
>> And what makes that so incredible is that
>> we do that through things such as mobile multi-tasking.
>> And use social networking to create a community where
>> you know, peers can interact with each other.
>> And that’s really great.
>> And it creates an amazing community of people.
>> And ultimately, that’s how we’re making
>> an ecosystem where people just share.
>> You know?
>> Laura?
>> Laura?
>> Laura?
>> Laura?
>> You know?
>> It’s not just about the bottom line.
>> It’s also about driving innovation, and letting people know we’re
>> whimsical and unique, but in, like, a really comfortable, familiar way.

>> Voosa speaks to an elusive, affluent demographic.
>> Every day, I talk to the company about verge culture.
>> You’ve gotta reach these kids who listen
>> to Indian bongra music mixed with river dancing.
>> They like Japanese anime and hip hop.
>> J Crew, Steve McQueen, Henry Ford, expensive salads.
>> Marketing is about values, its about taking a stand and what Vooza
>> believes in is we believe in whatever you want us to believe in.

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