3 February 2016

Vooza’s mission statement includes making a compassionate dent in the universe. But when it comes time to talk shop with a non-profit helping third world countries, things don’t go very smoothly.


>> Well, I’m kind of like Elon Musk, you know, real impact entrepreneur.
>> You know, I’m trying to make a change in the world in a meaningful way.
>> Exactly, it’s in our company mission statement
to make a compassionate dent in the universe.
>> Yeah.
>> That is fantastic to hear.
>> I’m actually even more exited to talk to you about my organization.
>> You see, it’s a nonprofit that is dedicated to bringing clean drinking
water to remote parts of Africa.
>> Did you say nonprofit?
>> Yeah.
>> By nonprofit, you mean pre-revenue?
>> No, I mean, our goal is to help poor people, not make a profit.
>> And then get acquired?
>> No, any extra money we make would just go
right back into the organization.
>> So, by nonprofit, you mean no profit?
>> And you want us to help?
>> Well, your mission statement,
you said it’s about achieving global impacts socially, and.
>> Right, right, right, the mission statement.
>> Here’s the thing, I just remembered I have a dermatologist appointment.
>> I have this growth that looks like that flamenco dancer emoji, and
it is frightening.
>> So why don’t we continue the conversation via Twitter?
>> Okay, I think that would be great.
>> Thank you.
>> I gotta go with him, you know,
because he’s such a baby around needles you wouldn’t believe it.
>> But really, best of luck with the Indians.
>> Africans.
>> Right.
>> Clean water?
>> Yeah.
>> More of a root beer guy myself.
>> Okay.
>> Maybe they’d be more excited if you brought them down root beer
instead of water.
>> No, I think they’d be pretty thrilled to have water.
>> I don’t know, root beer’s better.
>> Put a little ice cream in there, get a little float going,
it’s a nice little sundae.

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