Motion of the Ocean

29 October 2014

Is it the size of the boat or the motion of the ocean? Vooza’s Data Analyst runs the numbers.


>> So everyone’s buzzing about big data these days.
>> But I like to say, it’s not the size of your data, it’s how you use it.
[LAUGH]. You know, it’s like not the size of the boat,
it’s the motion of the ocean.
>> Though from a data perspective, I wonder if that’s true about the boat.
>> Size of the boat.
>> Motion of the ocean.
>> All right.
>> If you look at the wave characteristics in ocean data, and
combine that with the saline percentage of the waves, and
factor in the distributions of wave period and amplitude.
>> You’ll see that the square footage of the boat actually counts for
at least 60% of the drag coefficient.
>> But granted, that is for data using measurements of a sea state in deep and
shallow water at different geographical locations.
>> Let’s simplify it.
>> Let’s run the numbers again using shallow water measurements in
the Indian ocean.
>> Oh, there we have it.
>> The result is a clear, measurable, quantitative outcome.
>> Well, as you can see, the motion of the ocean is
actually 25% more important than the size of the boat.
>> And you’re sure.
>> See, I [SOUND] told her.

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