Life Hacks

28 April 2017

Three insane life hacks that will change your life. The last one may actually save you up to 24 hours a day!


>> Matt, we think we know what can take this company to the next level.
>> Yeah, what’s that? >> Life hacks.
>> Everyone loves life hacks right?
>> They only help people.
>> Yeah. >> We make some of our own,
they go viral, we make a million dollars.
>> All of a sudden we’re back on top.
>> Yeah. >> All right, you got some life hacks?
>> Oh, do we have some life hacks.
>> We got a bunch.
>> For instance,
did you know that everyone’s always putting shoes on their feet.
>> But what most people don’t know is you can also put your shoe,
womp, on your hand.
>> Fits like a glove.
>> That’s your life hack?
>> Yeah. >> Shoe on the hand.
>> Pretty good, right?
>> People didn’t know you can do that but you can do it.
>> Mm-hm. >> I don’t think that’s going to help Vooza at all.
>> No one’s going to want to see that.
>> That doesn’t make anyone’s life easier.
>> Well, sure. >> But now their shoe is on their hand now.
>> Now. >> Yeah, it makes your life a lot easier.
>> They didn’t. >> You don’t have to like,
reach all the way down to your feet.
>> Your hands are right here.
>> Cut out the middleman.
>> Just put them right on. >> Easy.
>> Easy. >> You have any other life hacks?
>> Because I don’t really see that one going viral.
>> Oh. >> Yeah.
>> Yeah, yeah. We got a ton.
>> Maybe your pockets are full.
>> You know, you’ve got too much stuff in them already, but guess what?
>> Maybe you don’t have pockets?
>> Maybe you don’t have any pockets at all.
>> Maybe you’re wearing sweatpants, maybe you’re wearing no pants.
>> Hey.
>> Oh.
>> Your mouth is nature’s pocket.
>> Where’d it go?
>> And if that’s not your thing,
there’s a second nature’s pocket that we can talk about.
>> Mm-hm.
>> There’s actually several nature’s pockets.
>> All right. Guys,
you have any other life hacks because this is really just bumming me out.
>> There’s actually a way to transfer something from the top pocket to
the bottom pocket.
>> Yeah. >> I don’t want to hear about it.
>> Yeah, you put it in this pocket and then.
>> Guys, I gotta be honest.
>> Finances aren’t looking so good.
>> All right, I’m kind of worried, Vooza is not going to be around soon.
>> So. >> I have got a life hack for you then.
>> Let’s say you don’t really feel like dealing with anything anymore.
>> You need a way out.
>> Yeah, and but you don’t have any rope anywhere.
>> So look at this.
>> You got a tie around your neck,
you just take that tie, turn that frown upside down.
[SOUND] >> Bye, bye.
>> You’re out of there man.
>> And now you don’t have any problems to worry about.
>> You just life hacked over all of life’s problems.
>> The ultimate life hack.
>> Mm-hm. >> Every problem’s gone now.
>> Yeah.
>> I’m interested.
>> Thank you guys.
>> You got it man. >> Hey.
>> Life hack. >> Yeah.

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