Known Unknown Bugs

2 March 2016

There are bugs in his code. But are these known bugs or unknown bugs or known unknown bugs?


>> It looks like Tyler’s back from DC working on that app.
>> Tyler, we’ve been getting reports that the app isn’t working.
>> Reports that say the application aren’t working are always interesting
to me because, [COUGH] as you know, there are known bugs.
>> That is to say, there are bugs that are known.
>> There are also bugs that are known-unknown bugs,
that is to say we know that they are unknown bugs.
>> There are also unknown-unknown bugs,
which is to say we do not know that we do not know there are bugs.
>> And if you look throughout the history- >> [CROSSTALK] What app was Tyler
working on?
>> It’s the same one that Donald Rumsfeld made.
>> You will see that sometimes we know what we know.
>> And sometimes we just don’t know what we think we know that we don’t know.
>> You know. >> So was this a known bug or an unknown bug?
>> I’m not going to say which one that it is.
>> But we need to know for- >> I’m going to now be taking questions from
this side of the room.
>> You need me to make an error page to put up?
>> Sarah, you show up at a browser with the code you have,
not the code that you wish to have or want to have at a later time.
>> So, does that mean, yes?
>> I’m not going to be taking any more questions.
>> I am late for a lunch date with Mr. Dick Cheney.
>> At ease, soldiers.

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