11 February 2015

This is what happens when selfies go wrong! Watch Vooza’s CEO get a roomful of tech conference attendees to jump in the air and take photos of themselves.


>> How can I be an image innovator?
>> You know, what would Steve do here?
>> And I think there’s an important lesson from that book,
is that you need to stand at the intersection.
>> You need to find the place where you can combine ideas.
>> And for Steve, it was the intersection of technology and the humanities.
>> All right, that was the space that he owned, that he carved out,
that was his island.
>> So I look at the imaging space.
>> Where can I stand at the intersection?
>> Well, you know where I can stand?
>> Right at the intersection of jumping photos and selfies.
>> That’s right, no one’s ever done this before.
>> Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to reveal to you the jelfie.
[APPLAUSE] That’s right.
>> We’re about to go viral people, I hope you’re ready.
>> Take a look, ladies and gentlemen, the world’s first jelfie.
[APPLAUSE] There it is everyone.
>> Now I’ll show you some more examples.
>> Fir, we’ve got the, the beach jumping photo, we’ve all seen that.
>> You know?
>> But it’s been done.
>> The beach jelfie, though, [SOUND] brand new.
[APPLAUSE] Brand new.
>> You’re not used to the beach jelfie, are you?
>> We’ve got Kim Kardashian doing the, bathroom mirror selfie.
>> Okay, let’s do the mirror jelfie.
>> There it is, everyone.
[APPLAUSE] A key step to the bathroom mirror jelfie, in my opinion?
>> Leave the toilet bowl in.
>> A lot of people overlook the impact of a good toilet bowl.
>> The gym selfie, gym jelfie.
[APPLAUSE] Let’s do it.
>> There it is.
>> Look at that.
>> You’re working out while taking a portrait.
>> How about that?
>> Not a lot of people thought about this.
>> And of course, we got the duck face selfie.
>> Well, ladies and gentleman, this presentation would not be
complete without a duck face jelfie, there it is everyone.
>> I’m going to take a jelfie right now of all of you behind me while
while I’m doing.
>> So yeah, stand up and take a jelfie, jump in the air.
>> Take a photo of yourself and post it somewhere.
[SOUND] Here we go everyone, this is the technique.
[SOUND] Make, make sure to open your mouth or make a face, you know.
>> Let, let’s do a couple of them.
[SOUND] There it is.
>> I like it.
>> I like what I’m seeing, people.
[SOUND] The blurry the better.
>> It’s part of, it’s part of the charm of the jelfie.

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