Is This a Kindle Fire?

17 January 2013

A frantic search for a Kindle Fire.


>> Hey, Steve, it’s me, meet me downstairs and grab my Kindle Fire, please.
>> Thanks.
>> Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire.
>> Is this, is this a Kindle?
>> Is this a Kindle Fire?
>> It’s got an internet thing.
>> Is this uh, is this like a mini Kindle Fire?
>> Is this a Kindle Fire?
>> What is a Kindle Fire?
>> Like, you read it, or you watch it?
>> A-ha!
>> You don’t smoke it, right?
>> Is this a Kindle Fire?
>> Hello!
>> Like, is this one of the k, no?
>> Oh, no, no hey, it’s uh, it’s okay, actually, I’m glad
>> you’re here, I wanted to ask you, is this a Kindle Fire?
>> Is this a Kindle Fire?
>> Is this a Kindle Fire?

>> Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire?

>> Am I a Kindle Fire?
>> Ah.
>> What are you?
>> What?
>> Is this a Kindle Fire?
>> Is this a Kindle Fire I see before me?
>> Yah.

>> Here you go man.

>> Pretty sure this is a Nook.
>> Wait are you serious?

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