Interview with a Ninja

17 January 2016

What kind of help wanted ad do you post when you only want the best? Here, job postings looking for a Javascript Ninja and Ruby on Rails rockstar lead to an interesting set of interviews.


>> So uh, why don’t you tell me a little
>> about your experience as a front end javascript ninja.
>> Now as a ruby on rails rock star,
>> what would you say is your greatest strength?
>> Thank you!
>> Well it’s true it did say HTML wizard uh, oh yeah thanks for coming in.
>> We’ll be in touch.
>> I received my powers from the cliffs of the mountains of Sargos.
>> I have crisadis in my pocket that can destroy this entire building.
>> How do you feel about that?
>> I have more applicants to talk to.
>> More applicants, interesting more people there.
>> Okay it’s almost five, I really need to talk to some other people
>> More relevancies.
>> Security?
>> Oh, challenge.
>> I look forward to.
[SOUND] Oh my.

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