Insider Threats [Sponsored]

16 March 2016

Like Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden in a Moscow hotel room, the Vooza team silently passes notes in order to avoid audio-bugs. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t prying eyes around.




Sponsor: Varonis protects enterprise data from insider threats and cyberattacks. Lock down sensitive data, track and analyze user behavior, stop ransomware, and more.  Find out how.


>> So the update that I want to give you is about the new file protection.
>> So this is huge.
>> Yeah, this is top secret.
>> If anyone heard this, we’re in trouble.
>> Okay.
>> What we’re going to be doing.
>> This is the data which is the most sensitive.
>> Right, right.
[LAUGH] >> And then the protection is going to be.
>> We’re also going to be- >> Okay, hold on, hold on,
because this is actually dangerous.
>> I know.
>> Is there a way to protect this data if it gets out there?
>> We’re going to do that.
>> Did you know that?
>> What?
>> That.
>> Did you know that?
>> Can I be honest with you about something?
>> Okay.
>> I’m having a really hard time understanding your handwriting.
>> My handwriting?
>> My handwriting is fine.
>> Anyone can read my handwriting.
>> I mean, it’s not fine.
>> Is that a P or is that a D?
>> I’ve never had anyone tell me they can’t read my handwriting.
>> Is that a P or a D? >> That is a P.
>> Why would I write dassword?
>> Laura, can you come in here?
>> Yeah, I don’t know if I got any of this.
>> Yeah, come here.
>> I was just looking at it again, and I don’t think I got any of it.
>> Laura, what does this say?
>> The password to access secure customer files
is rover 25 Detroit exclamation point.
>> Thank you very much.
>> See, even Laura can read it, all right.
>> What is that supposed to mean?
>> Don’t worry about it.
>> Thanks, you can go.
>> So I mean, that’s for the customer data.
>> For the credit card files, those are being stored, Here.
>> [LAUGH] Okay, I understand this.
>> That is ridiculous.
>> See, most data breaches are caused by insiders.
>> That’s why companies should protect their data from the inside out
with Varonis,
and that writing stuff down on a piece of paper, that’s a terrible idea.
>> If you’ll excuse me, I got to make a phone call.
>> Hi, is this social security number 496-37-8657?
>> Great, I’m calling to blackmail you.
>> Listen, if you don’t want your personal information leaked, I’m going to
need about 500 bit coins sent to this address in the next 96 hours.
>> I’d also love a gift certificate to Whole Foods.
>> So, where do you want to go for lunch?
>> Let’s see, how about?
>> So, now does that say tacos or Chinese?
>> Seriously, man?
>> Donuts?

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