How to Get Eyeballs on Social Media

5 June 2013

You have to treat social media like a fire. Add logs all day. And then watch your day go up in flames. Vooza‘s social media maven shows you how in this video. “By maintaining my social network profiles, I’m shaping my image as someone who spends all day on Facebook and Twitter.”


>> He’s an English bulldog.
>> That’s my favorite breed.
>> Do you have any pics?
>> Are you kidding me?
>> Twitter’s just word-of-mouth on steroids.
>> So, I guess you could call me the Lance Armstrong of social media.
>> So.

>> Oh my God.
>> Oh, I have to show you this.
>> There’s a picture of, he was a court jester for Halloween.
>> I treat social media like fire, gotta add logs or it’ll just burn out.
>> So I’m tweeting all day.
>> At sushi.
>> On my way to the Hamptons with the girls.
>> Eating sushi in the Hamptons with the girls.
>> Spin class!
>> Team Edward!
>> My followers love it.
>> Love it, love it, love it.
>> Can’t get enough.
>> My biggest piece of advice to people who work
>> in social media is, treat it like a cocktail party.
>> Don’t always just talk about yourself and your business.
>> Loosen up, you know.
>> Do some shots.
>> Do a little blow in the bathroom.
>> Pass out, wake up again.
>> Drunk text your ex.
>> He doesn’t write back, keep texting, call him.
>> Pass out again, wake up, make out with a stranger, apologize.

>> Just show your passion.

>> By maintaining my social network profiles, I’m shaping my image
>> as someone who spends all day on Facebook and Twitter.

>> Right?
>> Some people think it’s abusive to dress up your dog,
>> love him, but I gotta tell you he loves it.

>> Oh, this is a picture of him wearing a New York Giants jersey.

>> He gets really grumpy when they don’t score.
>> That’s how you get eyeballs.

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