How to Dress at a Startup

3 December 2018

When it comes to the tech world, men and women have to think about their work wardrobe in entirely different ways.


>> For women in the tech world, how you dress is crucial.
>> What I wear?
>> No one’s ever commented or asked or looked, even looked at it.
>> So. >> I can’t wear anything that will distract people from why I’m here.
>> Hm, I don’t really think about it.
>> I mean, I have to be taken seriously.
>> So I have to choose each outfit carefully.
>> I usually wear a hoodie, standard, whatever.
>> In a meeting my main goal is to get the men to maintain eye
contact with me.
>> I usually wear like a comic book character shirt.
>> Captain America.
>> Feminine, but not sexy.
>> Then I always wear the same pair of cargos.
>> I don’t know, I guess I’m kind of norm-core that way.
>> Structured, but not form-fitting.
>> I just, I don’t even have to wear a backpack.
>> I can just keep all my stuff in here.
>> Laptop, notebook, iPad, all that stuff.
>> Classy, but not too flashy or fancy.
>> Then you know, got my flip flops, my flippies.
>> Just kind of let it all hang out.
>> I don’t have anything to hide.
>> So, it’s the office.
>> The more Amish I look, the better.
>> I don’t think people mind seeing my toes.
>> They’re toes.
>> Everyone’s got them.
>> I clip them like once a month, so.
>> My hair has to be pulled back in a bun or worn very conservatively.
>> Yeah, I don’t believe all that stuff Big Shampoo wants you to believe.
>> It’s all, it’s all garbage.
>> I wear a wedding ring.
>> I’m not married, but it’s easier if the VC jerks think I’m married.
>> I mean, I do own a ring.
>> Superman’s kryptonite ring.
>> Which is the kryptonite ring that Superman gave to Batman.
>> I mean, originally it was Lex Luthor’s ring but then Superman got it,
gave it to Batman.
>> I mean, and this was, like, back when there was no kryptonite.
>> And of course, now after Supergirl landed on Earth and there’s a surplus of
kryptonite, it’s like it’s not as significant but back then, this was like.

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