Honest Business Card Exchange

22 October 2019

Let’s be honest, this is what REALLY happens when you give someone your business card.


>> So basically I’m just gonna mindlessly babble to you
>> about uh, random sports teams in the local area until
>> we get to a point, I don’t know, like
>> around here, where I can say hey, great meeting man.
>> And just so you have it, here’s my business card.
>> Oh great.
>> Enjoy that.
>> Well I will definitely be throwing this
>> away the moment we’re not in each others’ sight.
>> Oh yeah, you got to.
>> Yeah.
>> Well let me just give you a
>> meaningless compliment on it so you’ll feel better.
>> Uh, that’s a nice font.
>> Oh, wow, thanks, man.
>> I, I don’t know what a font is, but uh, thank you so much.
>> I appreciate that.
>> You realize, of course, we set up this meeting
>> via email, proving we already know how to contact each other.
>> Right, right.
>> But you have to understand that that uh, piece of paper has my name
>> printed on it, so it kinda validates my ego just by handing it to you.
>> No, I understand perfectly well.
>> You’re a meaningless cog and this makes you feel important.
>> That’s right.
>> That’s right.
>> But, I mean the thing is, I’m kind of
>> secretly hoping that you’ll be impressed by my title.
>> Oh is it something stupid
>> like Thought Leader or Chief Happiness Officer?
>> No, it’s ah, it’s worse than that, you
>> are currently speaking to the Director of First Impressions.
>> Wow.
>> Hi.
>> That is, awful.
>> Well, it’s pretty bad.
>> But I, I, I actually, the reason why I need like a meaningless big title is
>> that uh, it covers up for the fact
>> that uh, I don’t really do anything around here.
>> Oh, I understand.
>> Well, then, it’s good to know that
>> you’re wasting trees for no reason whatsoever.
>> Maybe, next time, I’m here you could
>> put some car wash flyers in my windshield.
>> Uh, I’m really, I’m too lazy for that.
>> But uh, as you’ll notice there’s lots of
>> old fashioned ways that you can contact me.
>> There sure are.
>> I’m glad I have your fax number.
>> I’m a big faxer.
>> They call me Mr. Fax at my office.
>> Ah, Mr. Fax, that’s nice.
>> Well I appreciate you giving me a piece of garbage to throw away and,
>> oh look here’s an empty soda can so now you have something to throw away.
>> We’re even.
>> Ah, great.
>> Well thanks so much.
>> I guess uh, I’ll be contacting you and if i don’t hear
>> from you I will just contact you again, and again, and again.
>> Until I finally get the message that you don’t want to do business with me.
>> Great.
>> That sounds about right.
>> I still have no idea what you do by the way.
>> Me neither man.
>> I look forward to hearing from you.
>> Yeah, you won’t.
>> I know.
>> Hey, sports right.
>> Sports, I love sports.
>> Weather.

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