Hiring Tips

11 September 2013

Learn how hiring is like dating, how to network, and the best way to judge potential employees.


>> When I interview people, I rarely talk about the things that they’ve done.
>> You know, I’m like George Bush with Vladimir Putin, I
>> just stare into their eyes and I judge their soul.

>> You can’t just rely on the job boards.
>> You need to network.
>> You need to be handing out your cards.
>> You know, you need to, you need to be out there.
>> You need to be getting this, out there.
>> Yeah.
>> And these.
>> Have your fingers meet with their fingers.
>> And we can be fingers.
>> You need to walk in a room, and you
>> need people to say oh no, not this guy again.
>> And yet also be genuine.
>> Would you hire a magician without asking him to show you some tricks?
>> No.
>> Would you hire a caterer for your wedding without tasting their food?
>> Uh, no.
>> And yet everyday programmers are hired on the
>> basis of their resume or because they give good interview.
>> We don’t fall for that.
>> No.
>> In fact, before we hire anybody, we make them
>> do a magic trick and then make us dinner.
>> Sometimes we make them do both.
>> One time a guy sent us a box of doughnuts and pasted inside the box was a
>> link to a YouTube video of him telling us why he wanted to work at Vooza.
>> Right, and, and of course we ate all
>> the donuts while watching the deleted scenes of Forest Gump.
>> And we threw the box away because, you know, it’s trash.
>> Right.
>> Didn’t watch the video.

>> I like to say hiring for a startup is a lot like dating.
>> Yeah, it is actually, cuz I mean
>> say your wearing this mask to lure them in.
>> It’s, it’s a superficial thing at first, but
>> that allows them to get comfortable, and then when
>> they let their guard down that’s when you
>> pounce and trap them and then they’re yours forever.
>> You’ve got them in your sites in your hooks.
>> That’s not exactly what I meant Steve.
>> It puts the lotion in the basket, or it gets the hose again.

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