24 June 2015

Vooza has been hacked and Charles thinks he knows who’s behind it.


[MUSIC] Charles, why did you make our email exchanges public?
>> Now everybody knows that I called Matt a hemorrhoid, and
that I have hemorrhoids.
>> I didn’t.
>> I think we got hacked by North Korea.
>> North Korea gave me hemorrhoids?
>> Wait, that makes so much sense.
>> Hey Charles, did you give out our Basecamp password?
because someone just put our business plan on Reddit.
>> I thought our business plan was all gibberish.
>> Yeah, exactly.
>> Now I’m getting calls from investors being like, what are you doing?
>> I have nothing to say.
>> We got hacked by North Korea.
>> Oh, come on, that’s like the fourth time you’ve said that today, man.
>> What’s going on with my Seamless account?
>> No matter what I order from whatever restaurant, they’re sending me kimchi.
>> If you’ve logged onto Seamless in this office,
it’s been hacked by North Korea.
>> Charles, you’re the only one here with access to our Twitter.
>> Why would you tweet, make fruits cascade down and their sweet aroma fill
the air on the sea of apple trees at the foot of Chopez?
>> What’s Chopez?
>> I think it’s a cocktail bar on 23rd.
>> No, it’s a mountain range in North Korea.
>> They hacked us and they tweeted that.
>> Yeah, okay and they also tweeted the new Batman Superman trailer?
>> No, that was me.
>> Charles, why did you change my Pinterest boards to fish,
nuclear bombs and Dennis Rodman?
>> Charles, you cracked into my Tinder account and
swiped right on every girl within ten miles?
>> I can’t go to Yonkers.
>> I definitely didn’t do that.
>> I watched you do that at lunch.
>> Yeah, we all saw you do that.
>> Yeah, you announced it.
>> Yeah.
>> You’re disgusting.
>> Look, we were hacked by the Republic of North Korea.
>> [CROSSTALK] >> But,
why would North Korea want to hack Vooza?
>> Because of Sager’s blog.
>> My baking blog?
>> No. >> My anti ice sculpture blog?
>> Those things suck, all of them.
>> No.
>> All right, well just tell us because I have like, 20 blogs.
>> Kim Jong Bun,
the blog where you Photoshop a man bun on the Supreme Leader.
>> This one’s good.
>> He looks pretty good shirtless.
>> That’s some of my best work.
>> I would swipe right.

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