18 June 2017

A hackathon is a great way to deliver passion, caffeine, and free labor.


>> All right coders.
>> You guys are doing a great job, but I am going to
>> have to ask you to stay and work the entire weekend.

>> Do we get overtime for that?
>> Not exactly.
>> No.

>> Well the thing is the Ren Faire is this weekend.
>> No, and you’ve worked us 80 hours this week man.
>> I, we, I physically I can’t do anymore.
>> Okay did I say we were working this weekend?
>> Because that is not what I meant.

>> We are not working, we are having a hack-a-thon.

>> Hack-a-thon.
>> Hack-a-thon.
>> You say Hack-a-thon?
>> We’re not working, it’s going to be a hack-a-thon.
>> Yeah, it’s going to be a venue for self
>> expression, you know, and creativity, you know, via technology.
>> A lot of passion and caffeine, and free labor.
>> It’ll be great guys.
>> Free labor?

>> Free cupcakes.
>> Oh.
>> Free cupcakes.
>> Wait, are we going to work on the app that locates your headphones.
>> Oh, yeah.
>> We may get to that.
>> We may get to that.
>> We will probably start somewhere else though.
>> Okay.
>> All right.
>> Well as long as it is a hack-a-thon, I’m there.
>> Hack-a-thon I’m there.
>> It is a, it is a hack-a-thon.
>> All right.

>> That’s right.
>> Hack those germs fellas.
>> Remember we are going for a minimum viable cleanliness okay.
>> You know, I don’t really think this
>> hack-a-thon is really pushing the limits of technology.
>> Hm.
>> Good point.
>> Here, try this.

>> Hey.
>> I’m having a paint my apartment hack-a-thon next weekend.
>> Did you say hack-a-thon?
>> Did you say hack-a-thon?
>> Yeah.
>> All right.
>> All right.
>> We got another one.
>> We got it.

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