Group Interview

30 July 2013

A job interview that tests your problem solving abilities. It’s a roller coaster of questions, riddles, and astrological assessments.


>> Thanks for coming in.
>> Really impressive resume`.
>> Uh, gonna have you meet with a few members
>> of our team to make sure you’re a good fit.

>> Hey thanks for coming.
>> It’s really exciting to meet you.
>> We’d like to ask some questions to test your problems solving ability.
>> How do you measure four gallons of
>> water only using a three and five gallon jug?
>> How much would you charge to wash all the windows in Seattle?
>> Why won’t my ex-wife return my calls?
>> How many times a day do the hands on a clock overlap?
>> How would the person who likes you least describe you?
>> How many piano tuners are there in the entire world?
>> Have you ever had a supervisor challenge your behavior before?
>> We’ve also got your Myers-Briggs test results here, and you are an INTP.
>> Your astrology chart is really fascinating.
>> How many golf balls fit in a school bus asshole?
>> I mean I can’t even remember a
>> time that we disagreed here,we’re like one big family.
>> Disagreement?

>> One of our core values.
>> What would you say is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

>> Ah, cause one time I was at this bachelor party in
>> South Africa which, I know what you’re thinking, ah, isn’t that
>> the highest rate of HIV in the world and ah, yes,
>> that is true, but a bachelor party is a bachelor party.
>> So, there I am, I’m high out of my mind on ivory dust.
>> For your FYI that is a ground up like elephant tusk.
>> You get that straight in your brain and let’s just say I didn’t feel like I
>> was in South Africa anymore, I felt like
>> I was moon walking on the moon, anyways.
>> Yeah, so uh, explain to me what a database is but
>> in terms that an eight year old could understand and also go slowly.
>> I mean would you consider that manslaughter?
>> Which one is the cat, which one is me?

>> Trick question, we’re both me, this is my horcrux.
>> I see that water is dominant in your chart, that means
>> it’s tough for you to get in touch with your physical plain.
>> My advice, is when that happens just go outside, take a walk
>> in the park, hug a tree, work with clay, get a massage.
>> Did I already say that one?
>> I don’t know, make eye contact with squirrels, you know
>> just remind yourself that you’re part of the physical plain.
>> Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24

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