Follow Your Passion

20 May 2017

Your business plan doesn’t matter if you’re following your passion.



>> Charles, you know what the key to having a great start-up is?
>> It’s passion, man.
>> That’s all you need is passion.
>> So, I got to thinking, what’s my passion?
>> And, when I’m honest with myself,
>> I guess the thing I’m most passionate about, eating Cheetos.
>> They’re so good I just want to eat ’em all day [NOISE].
>> And how can you turn that into a business?
>> Well, actually I already did turn it into a business.
>> It’s a little business I like to call Cheeto Rabbit.
>> It’s where I come to your house and I eat your Cheetos for you.
>> Okay, how do you plan on making money off that?
>> Look in my eye, Charles.
>> What do you see?
>> I see a lot of orange powder.
>> Yeah, right. That’s the Cheeto dust.
>> What do you see in the Cheeto dust, Charles?
>> I don’t know.
>> Passion. You see passion, Charles.
>> Passion.
>> Passion.
>> Passion.
>> And some thiamine monotrates and a little bit of riboflavin.
>> And that passion is what I bring to the client, day in and day out.
>> And I’m willing to work with them any way they choose.
>> Let’s say, hey maybe they don’t want me to eat that many,
maybe they just want me to eat the Cheeto dust at the bottom of the bag.
>> I’ll do it.
>> Hey maybe they’ve got like a big industrial size,
like Costco jug full of Cheetos, I’ll eat those too.
>> You know maybe they just want to pay a stranger to come over and
eat some poison disguised as food from the people at Frito Lay.
>> I’m down with it.
>> I’ll do it with a smile on my face.
>> That’s why I tell all my interns.
>> I say, listen, if you are passionate about what you’re into,
it doesn’t feel like work any more.
>> It feels like you’re getting paid to have fun.
>> Don’t worry about what the world needs,
because what the world actually needs is more passionate people.
>> Got it.
>> That’s really inspiring.
>> Thank you.
[SOUND] >> So what are you passionate about, Charles?
>> I’ve always been passionate about helping other people.
>> Yeah, there’s not really any money in that.
>> You interested in an investment opportunity?
>> Absolutely, yes, yes, I’m interested.
>> Great, how much money you got?
>> So I have $113.
>> Yeah, that’ll do.

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