Retweet vs. Favorite

16 January 2013

When you’re gunning for followers on Twitter, there’s a world of difference between a Retweet and a Favorite.


>> Oh, come on, Sagar.
>> What?
>> You keep favoriting my tweets.
>> Uh, you’re welcome?
>> No, I need retweets, okay?
>> I’m trying to spread my seed, you know, get the word out about me.

>> No one looks at your favorites, all right, Sagar?
>> You favorite me and you’re keeping me to yourself, all right?
>> I need retweets.
>> A retweet is how you share me with the world.
>> Now share me with the world, Sagar.
>> All right I could solve this.

>> Thank you, finally, a retweet.
>> Ah no, I, I just stopped following you.
>> That’s cold man.

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