Facebook Intellectual

14 January 2015

Charles is upset that his highbrow Facebook posts don’t get as many Likes as Laura’s posts about her dog.


>> What was your last post?
>> My posts are informative.
>> Okay, give me an example.
>> It can’t all just be dogs in tank tops.
>> I’m sorry,
this is a platform that reaches a bunch of people, I try to be intelligent.
>> Then how come you like every dog photo I post?
>> They’re really cute.
>> Your dog is really cute.
>> You used to write things that are interesting, what was your last post?
>> Well my last post was a review of this book.
>> The Most Evil Dictators in History by Shelly Klein.
>> [SOUND].
>> I really liked it, and
>> I thought that I had some interesting things to say about it.
>> Did you really post that?
>> Yeah.
>> Do you read that in public?
>> Yeah, I think girls like it.
>> I like to peak over the top at them.
>> That’s really creepy.
>> Also, have you ever seen Stalin as a young man.
>> Just looks like a hipster.
>> Looks like a bass player in a band.
>> You think he’s cool?
>> More the fashion, less the genocide.

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