Drunken Scrabble [Sponsored]

5 February 2013

How did Vooza get its name? It involved a lot of tequila, a linguistics professor, and a strobe light. Hmm…maybe we should have gone with Frunjé. (If you need a name for your company or brand, Eat My Words works with companies to create unforgettable brand names and taglines.)


>> Hey where the name Vooza come from anyway?
>> Uh, actually we tried a few different naming strategies.
>> We brought in a linguistics professor.
>> Fenology is the sounds of a particular language,
>> where as morphology is the words and the word structure.
>> Then we used a big branding firm.
>> Really you could say we’re brandthropologists.
>> Do you know the word [INAUDIBLE].
>> For turn key, brand management solutions.
>> But, where I prefer to start is with the psycholinguistic typeology.
>> That’s how we create brands that inspire
>> and endure for five, ten, even 15 days.
>> So, the name that I recommend is.
>> Technovia.
>> You can’t pronounce it, that’s the point.
>> Smell that?
>> [SOUND]
>> It smells like an IPO.
>> Then we went with drunken Scrabble.
>> Those are the choices.
>> All right.
>> Throdge.
>> Throdge, triple word, that was a good one.
>> Then frunje.
>> I’ve decided there’s an accent there.
>> I, I like groulch I like groulch you know it is like a verb.
>> You can use it, Matt.
>> Zack just groulched all over you laptop.
>> Zack.
>> More for me.
>> We thought about using eat my work.
>> So there’s this cool naming company in San Francisco called Eat My Words,
>> and they come up with like fun catchy names that anyone could figure out.
>> GPS for dogs called retriever.

>> Yogurt store called Spoon Me.
>> Yeah it’s clever but I don’t know
>> man I can actually understand all of those words.
>> I still think the strobe is the way to go.
>> The strobe?
>> The strobe.
>> The strobe.
>> See, Nate’s got a metal plate in his head, right?
>> So, he’s prone to seizures.
>> So all we have to do is flip the switch, watch him seize
>> the day, and then we just use whatever gargles out of his little mouth.
>> Hey guys what movie are we watching?
>> Hit the lights.
>> What?
>> [SOUND]
>> [LAUGH] It’s working.
>> It’s working.
>> [MUSIC].

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