Digital Detox

29 October 2013

The staff at Vooza has a “digital detox” (no digital devices!) every Friday. Sadly for some, it’s not going as well as planned.


>> You have to disconnect in order to reconnect.

>> So we’re doing this digital detox every Friday.
>> The rules are.
>> No phones.
>> No computers.
>> No tablets.
>> And no watches.
>> Wait, no watches?
>> It’s like a secular sabbath.

>> Shalom.

>> Yeah, it’s fine.
>> I’m having a really good time.
>> I’m, I’m talking to you right now in,
>> instead of being on Facebook and that’s fine!
>> You know, with technology, we’re more connected, but we’re so much
>> lonelier and less fulfilled and sometimes all those martinis and Xanax
>> and episodes of The Bachelor and Vicodin and Percocet and all
>> the rest of it, it’s just not enough to cover it up.

>> The greatest gift it’s given me
>> is, like, the appreciation for emptiness and silence.
>> It allows my brain to breathe, and it fills my head with air.
>> I follow 18,000 people on Twitter, 600 RSSVs, I’m the mayor
>> of over five cafes on Foursquare, and I refresh Gawker 15 times an hour.
>> People are going to wonder where I am.
>> Now I just get up and talk to the
>> person two desks down from me rather than texting them.
>> I tap someone on the shoulder instead of buzzing in their pocket.
>> Bzz bzz, I mean who wants that?

>> When I like someone’s shirt I have to
>> literally pin it to a wall and when I walk
>> into a coffee shop, I just have to announce to
>> a room full of strangers that I am the mayor!

>> I’ve nobody following me on Twitter.
>> I just have to have this guy follow me around all day.

>> Re tweet that.
>> It says I don’t have any followers on Twitter
>> so I have this guy follow me around all day.
>> Close enough.

>> It makes me want to light candles and just do my laundry in a river.
>> I use an old-fashioned typewriter.
>> I can finally live like my ancestors.

>> It gives us the space we
>> need to reevaluate our relationship with technology.
>> People need permission to fully let go
>> and recharge their own personal hard drives.
>> How am I supposed to order lunch?
>> Just go out to a restaurant like some sort of savage in the 1930’s?
>> At least let me use Instagram, okay?
>> I took a class in iPhone food photography.
>> Now what am I supposed to do, huh?

>> Only me and the waiter know what
>> I am eating, that’s two people,that’s not enough.
>> You want me to just sketch it or something?
>> what Is this sketched?
>> Sketched?
>> How

>> long have you been offline?

>> How long have I been offline?

>> What time is it?
>> Okay, so it’d be 45 minutes.
>> Get the hell out of here.
>> Get out!

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