Curiosity Gap

4 March 2015

He Has a Horrifying Approach to Starting Conversations. Except It Isn’t Actually True. Except It Actually Is True.


>> I met, that’s where I met my friend Mark who was telling me about
the benefit of not eating night chits,
which is like vegetables that are grown, I think they’re grown at night?
>> Ugh.
>> You are so boring.
>> It’s incredible.
>> Charles, you gotta juice up your openers a little bit more, man.
>> You’re boring these girls to tears, okay?
>> You gotta use the curiosity gap.
>> What’s the curiosity gap?
>> You ever read like BuzzFeed or Upworthy?
>> In their headlines, they don’t give you the whole story,
they just give you a little, just a little taste.
>> That way you’ll want to hear more.
>> You know what I’m saying?
>> Okay.
>> I kind of.
>> Okay.
>> Just you know, go on BuzzFeed, look at some headlines.
>> You’ll get it.
>> All right, man.
>> I’m going to go hide in the bathroom for a couple hours.
>> The curiosity gap, huh?
>> We’ll see about this.
>> I have a favor to ask.
>> Just listen to this beautiful story about my hamster.
>> You will thank me later.
>> The three deadliest cleaning supplies
that I’ve swallowed today are all totally legal.
>> If you can use the bathroom after me without choking up,
you might want to check your pulse, wow.
>> The things this barista did to my coffee foam are cute,
the reasons why he did them are heartbreaking.
>> This guy wrote poems out of Tindr bios, and it will leave you mesmerized.
>> A man read my email next to four elephants.
>> What they did next will amaze you.
>> So, these are the 17 fall recipes that will change your dinner party.
>> Charles.
>> The Kardashians are at it again.
ways that they’re pissing us off.
>> What?
>> What are you doing?
>> Trying to work at home with cats?
>> Think again, 14 ways that, well, you know, cats.

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