Core Value: 10X

2 May 2013

Success stems from working 10 times harder than anyone else and displaying a domination mentality. That’s why 10X is a core value at Vooza. Now watch this video, you wimp!


>> You know, people come up to me on the
>> street all the time.
>> They say Steve, what are your core values?
>> And I say, well, ten times.
>> And they say, well, what does that mean?
>> And I go, well, ten times everything.
>> That’s my core value.
>> Ten times bigger, ten times better, ten
>> times faster.
>> And then they’ll be like, yeah, you can’t
>> apply that to everything in your life.
>> I’ll say, yes I can.
>> Ten times everything.
>> I’ll go I’ll go and order a taco and I’ll
>> be like what am I doing?
>> I’ll take one taco please, times ten.
>> Ten times bigger, ten times better, ten
>> times faster.
>> And then I get ten tacos which is way, I
>> mean I
>> ended up throwing away at least four tacos
>> which is just wasteful.
>> I guess, but in the same time, I’ve shown
>> the
>> lady who works at the taco stand that I
>> mean business.
>> Ten times that business.
>> Ten times!
>> My mom calls me up crying and I’m saying
>> mom, it’s pretty good crying, but
>> I think you can go about ten times harder,
>> and then she does, ten times.
>> I actually, ten times is one of my core
>> values.
>> That I will go ten times and then multiply
>> that by ten.
>> So now I going 20 times harder.
>> Core value.

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