Conference Q&A

13 November 2016

Putting a microphone in the hands of random strangers can be a dangerous thing.


>> And, that will conclude my presentation.
>> Let’s open it up to Q and A, are there any questions?
>> Oh, oh right here, right here, excuse me,
hey, hey, hey, question, I got one.
>> Thank you.
>> [LAUGH].
>> Woo, [LAUGH] sweet.
hi, I’m Steve.
>> And I just want to start by saying what a huge fan I
am of hearing my own voice.
>> This is amazing!
[LAUGH] Of course I, I realize this is actually all about you and
your talk.
>> But, I mean, you were foolish enough to hand me this ego enhancer, so
>> I guess it’s my time to shine.
>> I guess, I, I’ll start my question off by giving you all a brief biography
of my life, starting at my childhood, and coming to this present moment.
>> And now, I will drop a couple names, just to try to impress you guys.
>> Like the fact that one time,
>> I spilled a Diet Pepsi on Mark Zuckerberg’s assistant, no biggie.
>> In fact, I was actually on Facebook the entire time, so
>> I have no idea what you were actually talking about.
>> But, I’m just going to keep on talking and talking and talking and talking.
>> Hopefully, no one will notice that I have no
idea what was said minutes before I started speaking into this microphone.
>> And now, I’ll mention a cause that is close to my heart, but
has nothing to do with the topic at hand, and that cause is dolphin OCD.
>> It’s real, people.
>> Dolphins are struggling out there in these oceans.
>> They just keep washing their flippers over and over and over again.
>> And, they need our help.
>> Please donate to my website,
>> You can check me out on Twitter @dolphinboy.
>> I’ve got a hashtag, #whalessuckdolphinsrule.
>> And you, also, I’m on Instagram, username Etetetet.
>> That’s four ets, not three, or five, if you do.
>> Okay, so, let me get to my question, and my question is,
>> I’m jealous of you, and I would like to be the one speaking on stage.
>> Not sure that’s a question.
>> I’m sorry.
>> How can I be the guy speaking on stage next time?
>> Follow up question.
>> Can you believe I’m still speaking to a microphone right now?
>> This is crazy.
>> I would have thought that like security would have taken this away, but
you guys just keep letting me talk.
>> So, I guess we could start talking about my dad.
>> Cool guy.
>> Raised me until the age of three, then went on to go and
do his own thing which I totally respect.
>> I get it. Boys will be boys.
>> I was same.

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