Code Poets [Sponsored]

21 January 2015

C++ sonnets, Python haikus, and JavaScript limericks? Vooza’s programmers explore the similarities between poetry and coding. (This episode sponsored by AppDynamics. Learn more about AppDynamics application performance management.)


>> Poetry and code are so similar.
>> In context.
>> And line breaks, stanzas.
>> Indentation, even word choice.
>> And that’s why we consider ourselves, code poets.
>> Left bracket.
>> Question mark.
>> PHP. End div.
>> Semicolon.
>> Question mark.
>> Right bracket. [MUSIC]
>> I look for certain things in both poetry and code.
>> Meaning.
>> Purpose.
>> Structure.
>> Mm. They should be lightweight and elegant, not bogged down by lines and
lines of garbage.
>> Personally, I find it helpful to actually write poetry about the code.
>> I call this one Stopping by a 25-inch Monitor on a Snowy Evening.
>> The code is lovely, dark, and deep, but
>> I have uptime promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.
>> And miles to go before I sleep.
>> Now, who has Adderall?
>> In the beginning, I’m not worried about the little things like,
does my code work?
>> Is it functional?
>> I care about the big picture, the overall arc of the story.
>> Like an M Night Shyamalan movie, my code has three acts.
>> And then a surprise ending.
>> Oh, and the ending is a little boy saying I see dead code.
>> Code doesn’t work really.
>> Yeah, but those, those are details in the beginning.
>> That’s why we turn to APPDYNAMICS.
>> It gives us real-time insight into our app.
>> How it’s performing, how it’s being used, where it needs help?
>> And it needs a lot of help.
>> How do I code thee?
>> Let me count the ways.
>> I code thee with the passion I put to use in watching Game of Thrones.
>> I code thee with Doritos and
>> Red Bull, and if God choose, I shall but code the better after death.
>> Or even in unscheduled downtime.
>> I code thee.
>> I’ve actually been inventing new forms of code poetry.
>> C++ sonnets, Python haikus and JavaScript limericks.
[MUSIC] There once was a man from Nantucket, whose code was so
bad they said-

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