Catered Lunch

12 March 2014

In an office of picky eaters, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.


>> Alright guys, catered lunch is here.
>> Come and get it.
>> Alright.
>> Looks good.
>> Sorry I’m a vegetarian.
>> I don’t eat meat.
>> Oh well I mean, there’s some vegetable
>> options.
>> Alright, I’ll look.
>> Do you know how this was prepared because
>> I’m
>> doing an I’m doing a Paleo thing I’m
>> Paleo.
>> I don’t think it was prepared by
>> cavemen.
>> No, I can’t eat it.
>> I can’t eat any of this.
>> Hey, it’s free food huh?
>> Yeah.
>> Oh, this is all vegetables?
>> There’s some meat over there.
>> Eww, it’s touching the vegetables.
>> I’m not really doing vegetables these
>> days.
>> Does this have gluten in it?
>> Yeah, some of it has gluten in it.
>> Oh, I can’t have any.
>> Was this on a farm at one point?
>> A potato, yeah, it was probably on a
>> farm.
>> See I can’t.
>> I’m not doing anything from farms.
>> Do you know if anyone was yelling in
>> the kitchen when this
>> was prepared because I can’t have any bad
>> vibes in my food either.
>> It’s got a angry vibe to it.
>> Yeah, right.
>> Especially this, how mad is this?
>> Why would you ever put that in your body?
>> Look how mad it is.
>> Do you know where this tin foil is from?
>> Do you know where it was made?
>> China, probably?
>> Yeah, I’m not doing Chinese tin foil.
>> How much of this is organic?
>> Did you read the article?
>> I think it’s all organic.
>> Yuck.
>> Yeah.
>> Okay.
>> I need processed.
>> You, you don’t eat organic?
>> Don’t you know that organic, there’s
>> the
>> thing now, about how organic’s actually
>> worse for you?
>> Yeah, I’m on a preservative diet right
>> now.
>> Yeah.
>> Yeah, me too.
>> You know what, guys?
>> I’ve got some Twinkies at my desk.
>> I’ve got enough for everyone.
>> Yeah>
>> Yeah?
>> We’ll get a seat there.
>> Enough?
>> Yeah, enough with this junk.
>> Let’s go.
>> That’s good.
>> Wai, wai, wai, wait.

>> Are the Twinkies soy based?
>> Of course.
>> Perfect.
>> Perfect.
>> Perfect.
>> Alright.
>> Twinkie time.
>> Twinkies!
>> Twinkies!
>> Twinkies!
>> Twinkies!
>> Twinkies!

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