Busy Bragging

5 November 2014

Everyone’s always complaining about how busy they are, but somehow it feels more like bragging. #busybrag


>> Hey do you have a minute?
>> No, sorry man, I’m really busy
right now.
>> Swamped, man, [SOUND] crazy busy.
>> Been super stressed, bro.
>> It’s just been insane lately.
>> It’s been nuts.
>> I’m exhausted.
>> okay.
>> Hey, Tyler, why aren’t you more
impressed with how busy I am?
>> Yeah, man, it sounds like you’re
complaining, but
it seems like you’re just bragging.
>> I’m too exhausted to be bragging
about anything.
>> I’ve been up since 5:15 in the morning.
>> Yeah, all you talk about is being
busy, yet I don’t see you doing any work.
>> I see no work.
>> Tyler, on a daily basis, I have
to check Facebook for three hours.
>> I listen to 40 podcasts a week.
>> I’m in a cover band based on people’s
>> Pinterest pages.
>> It’s very high concept.
>> I’m writing a screenplay.
>> It’s about a matador that falls in love
with the bull.
>> Plays on themes about who’s in charge.
>> It’s called Who’s The Bull.
>> After all of that, I spend four hours a
day bragging to
people like you about how busy I am, so
you think I’m important.
>> Okay, why don’t you just not do
some of that stuff?
>> Like I don’t know, the, the bull.
>> Are you kidding?
>> Then I need to examine the soulless black
hole that is my existence.
>> You ever just sit down, alone,
with your thoughts for like, a minute.
>> Let me think about that.
>> No, I don’t think I am.
>> Not even during that.
>> Never alone, no.
>> Not even during that, you were
going over.
>> I’m so busy right now, everybody!
>> Sire is busy!
>> Busy!

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