Big Data

8 October 2014

Meet Vooza’s Data Scientist. He’s got lots of opinions on Big Data, Nate Silver, Malcolm Gladwell, and Comic-Con.


>> With Big Data, we can use information to solve worldwide problems.
>> What makes the population go up and down?
>> How does the flu spread?
>> What costumes going to be biggest at Comicon this year?
>> I use tools that help me deal with hundreds of millions of rows of data.
>> I can pivot that data with a sub-second response time.
>> I, I could find a needle in a haystack when that haystack has over
three petabytes.
>> A petabyte, you don’t know what a petabyte is?
>> A petabyte is ten to the 15th bytes of digital information.
>> When should I post the photo I took of my lunch on Facebook?
>> Noon or 1 PM?
>> Let’s go to the Data.
>> Let’s find peak interaction times on Facebook.
>> Boom. There we have our answer, maximum likes.
>> Nate Silver, amazing guy.
>> I saw his keynote address at South by Southwest Interactive.
>> What a brilliant mind.
>> For the record, I cannot stand Malcolm Gladwell.
>> His book Outliers, that’s strictly for
people who don’t understand statistics.
,000 hours?
>> He had to hit the shovel 10,000 hours of bull [BLEEP] to write that book.
>> This is interesting.
>> Data Scientist was recently named the sexiest job of the 21st century.
>> Yeah?
>> I tell that to all the women I meet.
>> I mean, of course, why wouldn’t I?
>> Sadly, I don’t think a lot of women read the Economist.
>> So, I bring the article around with me and I show it to them.
>> It’s right here, in print, sexiest job.
>> Apparently, they don’t find that data very compelling.
>> And I’m a lonely guy.
>> How many digits of Pi do I know?
>> You really want to go there?
>> Okay.
>> I mean, we can go on forever, but you’re going to run out of tape.

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