Angel Investor

8 October 2015

Steve’s hot to invest in a location aware, real-time panhandling app.


[SOUND] Hey, Sarah?
>> Mm-hm?
>> You wouldn’t happen to have eight ones for a $5 bill, would you?
>> I just gave my last few singles to a homeless guy on the subway.
>> Really?
>> Someone’s doing some funding, huh?
>> Tell me all about it.
>> I think he was just hungry.
>> I think he was just hungry, dot com.
>> That’s catchy.
>> I like that.
>> Did you get an equity stake?
>> No.
>> Sarah!
>> What have we talked about,
when you hear about an opportunity you gotta pounce immediately.
>> What was his app like?
>> It was just a cardboard sign that said he needed money for food.
>> Okay, so he’s got a location aware real time panhandling app.
>> This guy’s good.
>> I like it.
>> It’s kind of good.
>> I really don’t, it’s just like.
>> Sarah, say no more.
>> I want in.
>> Here’s what I need.
>> I need a term sheet from this guy.
>> I’m going to call my guy in tech crunch,
we’re going to get an announcement post rolling right away.
>> I’m going to close this deal before Fred Wilson even gets wind of it.
>> Thank you, Sarah.
>> Oh, what train was he on?
>> The Q train?
>> Q train.
>> Of course, great.
>> What color sweatpants is he wearing?
>> We wasn’t wearing any pants.
>> That’s my guy.
>> Sarah, just so you know.
>> You’re not a founder.
>> Okay.
>> Cool.
>> You are definitely going to want a piece of this.
>> Okay, picture this, it’s like Uber for begging.
>> Yeah. Yeah, I know it sounds like Kickstarter, but
what about it’s like Venmo for hobos.
>> We could call it, we call it Venbo?
>> You know what, register that domain right now.

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