What is the Sharing Economy?

So you have six jobs, a roommate, and someone is constantly borrowing your car. Welcome to the freedom of the sharing economy!

So, I, of course, I come from a very libertarian background.
You know, I'm a big Ann Randian objectivist.
And, the sharing economy is really what happens when you
take libertarianism, and you apply it to communism.
>> Did you say, Sharon, or sharing?
Well, a sharing economy is when my wife, Sharon,
takes pretty much everything that I worked for just because I
didn't have her sign a pre-nup because I thought we were in love.
>> In a way, that's been very productive for the startup world.
So, you know, a sharing economy is like,
hey, remember how you used to only have to work one job?
Well, now you have to work three jobs.
But, you get to choose those jobs.
>> Sharon, I just want to see my babies again.
>> Lot of people don't want to,
but if everyone would start sharing economy, think about it.
How much better everything would be, you know.
>> I'm a changed man.
I don't have my sword collection anymore.
>> And, that's why we have wars.
That's why we have sadness.
>> Yep, sharing economy.
It's funny that you bring that up,
because I've been hearing that a lot since I started dating online.
I've just been doing some online dating.
And, apparently a sharing economy is when you go out to dinner with a girl
who you've met, and did you, you pay for,
you pay for everything and, then you go your way, go your separate ways.
>> A sharing economy is just one which, poor people give a little bit more,
in order for rich people to continue to have cool stuff.
>> The sharing economy.
Yeah, it's, it's, you know, I ran out of bar soap, so I use my roommate's.
It has a little, it, it's, you know, some, some hair on it.

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