What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is Facebook for boring people. That’s one theory anyway.

It's like, isn't that like a party?
>> LinkedIn was our greatest president.
He emaciated the people of America
at a time when there wasn't a lot of technology.
>> Again, what?
because I get invited to them every once in a while.
>> LinkedIn is Facebook for boring people.
>> It's when, when you're in a field with your friends, and
then you put your hands together like, your arms together like this, and
you link around.
>> LinkedIn is that's a good question.
>> Well, you know, how when you like, show up to Christmas dinner and
you puked on the mother in law.
And you're Linked out, you're kicked out.
LinkedIn is when you show up and you don't puke.
>> Around, around the holidays and you can do this with popcorn, but
mostly I like to do it with some construction paper.
Where you cut a little construction paper and then you
take another construction paper, and you kind of make a little ring and
then you make a bunch of those and they're all linked in together.
>> LinkedIn is, LinkedIn is, hold on, I, sorry.
Hey, I'll be, I'm going to answer that. I'll just, just give me a minute.

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