What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is the most important tech innovation of the year. The Vooza team explains why.

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I know what that is.
>> Hyperloop?
It's when it's going too fast.
And it, just, it spends off the chassis.
>> Say,
>> Hyperloop, is when there is a circle that you can run quickly or slowly.
Within it.
>> It's a way of being able to
end a conversation right where you started it.
So, if I start a conversation with you about tomatoes then we
get off track, it reminds you, hey, we were talking about tomatoes.
>> What, uh, can you say that again?
>> You see now, we started getting of top.
Here we are talking about Wizard of Oz.
Where, in the beginning, we were talking about tomatoes.
Where are we getting so off track?
But, what's great, that's a loop.
But it's, this is a hyper loop.
So any time, uh, you get off track, it buzzes you in your neck.
>> What is hyper loop?
>> Hi.
Yeah, uh.
So, hyper loop is, uh.
So, do you know, are you familiar with, like.
>> And then it kills you.
No, no, no, tomatoes.
So you know, any, it's, the reason
why I call, it's called Hyperloop is that
it, it allows you to get right
back, back loop you back into conversation immediately.
>> So like, Vine like goes like on a loop?
So like Hyperloop is um, like what Vine uses, but it's uh, uh.
>> Louder.
>> It's like this thing that you, you can on your computer you can put
like on a through your fire wire connection
and it makes data go through it faster.
>> Hyperloop.
We're all in a box.
>> Hyperloop is a spaceship.
Uh, created by a man named Elan Tusk, who founded Uber.
And it's an actual, real-life transportation system based
on the monorail from an old Simpsons episode.
>> Transcend the, the box, and once we trend, see here's the thing.
Before I explain hyperloop, you
gotta know trans, transcendent, transcendent.
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