What is Bitcoin?

Finally, an explanation of Bitcoin that makes sense. Kinda. 

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That, that's like, so there's bit torrents,
and Bitcoin is like how you counterfeit money.
>> Uh, Bitcoin is um.
Have you ever played Sonic the Hedge Hog?
>> Sounds like you steal.
It's like how you steal money.
I don't.
I absolutely tell people not to do it.
>> You, if you like hit a block hard enough um, like a
little, like a, just like a shaving of a coin will come out.
>> Bitcoin.
Of all of the bits Bitcoin, is probably my,
you know, I don't wanna say it's my favorite bit.
>> What is Bitcoin?
It's uh, Bitcoin.
It's like uh, when you get, like an email,
and then uh, you don't answer it for a
while, so then like this little chime goes on
to let you know that you have an email.
>> I would say when I rank the bits, it goes Bitdoor, Bitboard,
Bitman, and then right there in that fourth place spot it's
like back and forth between Bitcor, Bitcor, Bitcoin and Bitcorn.
>> Bitcoin is, it is a currency uh it's a
currency that, it's not necessarily a monetary currency,
but it's a, it's kind of a bartering system
that we have with the other companies in our building.
Where you can swap sodas or snacks.
>> Bitcoin.
Glad you asked.
Bitcoin is a form of currency for drug dealers.
Uh, it was invented by the Winklevaas
twins, or as I call them, the Winklevai
uh, who are, of course, the twin brothers
who invented Facebook when they were at Princeton.
>> Bitcoin?
What isn't Bitcoin?
>> And so people just, you know, you, you hit your
keyboard and it's sort of like and Easter egg type thing where
once in a while they'll just be coins that pop out
of your keyboard and then you can use those to buy drugs.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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