Wearable Tech

Fashion trends meet wearable technology in Vooza’s new line of smart accessories. Sleep masks, jewelry, and even a thong! Eat your heart out, Fitbit.

Wearable technology is finally stepping up its fashion game.
Let's take a look at the newest line of wearable tech fashions exclusively
from Vooza.
>> Sorry.
>> Turn this way.
>> Which way? >> This way.
There you go, the camera's right there.
>> This might look like a normal sleep mask, but when I take it off,
It brews my coffee.
Good night.
The zipper on this hoodie adjusts the volume on my iTunes.
Is it too late now to say sorry?
because I'm loving more than your body.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
I'm wearing a thong.
Trust me, it's amazingly comfortable.
Also it has built in sensors that tell me when it's time to trim my pubes.
This ring has my bank account and credit card information on it.
Also, it opens up my car doors and my house.
One time I lost it, I left it in a coffee shop and
somebody stole everything that was valuable to me.
Talk about convenience.
I just got a tooth filling that notifies me of calendar events.
Happy Flag Day.
Tired of your phone running out of batteries while you're out
running errands?
Don't worry about that anymore.
This backpack,
This backpack slash wireless phone charging station.
>> Stay tuned for more great wearable tech items.
>> Wait, can we hurry this up?
My back's killing me.
>> That's okay, I'm just wrapping up, great wearable technology-
>> This thing weighs like 600 pounds, this is really bad for my scoliosis.
>> All right, all right, come on.
We'll be back soon with more great wearable tech from Vooza.
>> Do you need your phone charged?
because this can charge your phone. >> No I'm at 100%, that's cool.

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