You’ve never been to a tech conference like this before. Every attendee gets their own DJ!

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At Vooza, we use the word VoozaConf every day.
We love it!
It's like Christmas meets your wedding day, but better!
I know what you're thinking: yeah, I've been to tech conferences before.
What's all the fuss about?
Well you haven't been to one like this before.
Allow me To paint you a picture.
You wake up in Boise Idaho.
Nuff said.
You get here and walk through the door.
Woah, is this a party?
Pretty much because every attendee get's their own DJ.
Five attendee maximum.
Head to the Keynote, the energy's amazing.
What's that?
Is that Tony Robbins?
It's a Tony Robbins hologram.
Then you head to the break dance sessions.
Don't you mean break out sessions?
We mean break dance sessions.
We got 650 of 'em.
Top rock.
Electric boogaloo.
Body dance.
Sales, IT, we're gonna dance it all out.
That's the cops shutting us down, because this party's too cool.
Now it's time for the grand finale, the global gala.
Third Eye Blind reunion, anybody?
Uh, yeah, I think so.
So go ahead and.
Step back from that ledge, my friend.
Cuz you're at the greatest tech conference ever, Voozaconf.
What, what!
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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