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Design is emotion. A good UX designer must ask, “Does this radio button make you feel happy or sad?” In this video, Vooza designer Sarah Ebersol explains how to be a user interface artist and when to express emotions inside web forms. Watch her turn tragedy into beauty, via a web pulldown menu.

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I study people.
I like to look at the shape of their nose or the way they part their hair.
And then I like to put each of those details into my designs.
I sell a lot of things on Etsy.
I knit these Navajo inspired scarfs where I submerged them in
a lime juice bath for an hour and air dry them.
And that's to ward off the evil spirits.
Oh, and I also make buttons with gerbils on them.
I refuse to be stereotyped.
I think it's very comforting for people to put me in a
box, where they see me and they're like, oh she's a girly girl.
She likes fashion and puppies.
Well, guess what?
I also like funny hats.
Put that in your box.
I'm not a very rule based person.
I mean, I'm a Gemini where I'm like, I show up early.
Like a year early, but like ten minutes late.
Do you know what I mean?
Design is emotion.
Does this radio button make you feel happy or sad?
You know?
I'm like all over the place.
I'm ju, you, it's just, it's, it's wild, it's out of sorts.
Can I share something with you?
A few months back I had found out that my cat had feline leukemia.
And it was the darkest period of my life.
I was hurting inside and I still had
to come to work every day, but when you're
an artist you take those negative feelings and you
express it into what you do in your art.
And I was working on this tracking form.
And you can really tell that I
was going through a lot of negative feelings.
I hated the world back then.
You can really look down on the priority load pulldown menu.
I had put low, when usually I started with high.
And you can sense.
Oh, I think this person who created this form is sad.
And I'm sorry.
I would like to make a form that says, I'm happy.
But I think I'm here, I'm in that spot now.
I managed to create something so beautiful
from something so tragic like feline leukemia.
I'm proud of this.
It's me.
And I'd like to tell you Scruffles is alive and two months in remission.
So, my web forms have that pep in them that people know me for, you know?
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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