Uke It!

“Uke It!” is a groovy collection of mellow ukulele songs from everyone’s favorite startup explainer videos. Get your uke on!

[MUSIC] Hey Laura.
Did I hear some of my favorite songs from startup videos coming from your
>> Good ears, Charles.
I'm listening to UKE IT!
A groovy collection of mellow ukulele songs from everyone's
favorite startup explainer videos.
>> Wow, great selection.
This has Corporate Acoustic Ukulele.
One of my favorites, Happy Upbeat Ukulele.
Royalty-Free Ukulele Buddies, that track really rips.
This is one non-threatening, get quirky album.
>> Well it ought to be.
With songs from companies like- >> Airbnb.
>> Laura, these chips are great, but that music?
You outdid yourself.
>> No Charles, that was simple.
UKE IT!, is the greatest.
It's 40 hits and over two hours of the smoothest,
most royalty free ukulele songs ever!
Used by- >> Tailrank.
>> Order UKE IT!
just 24.99, or two cassettes for just 19.99.
Lunch in the commence room tomorrow?
>> I'll bring the kale salad.
>> Don't worry about it, just bring UKE IT!
>> To order UKE IT!,
the definitive ukulele start-up collection visit the URL on your screen.
Order now and we'll throw in a free bonus, Whistle Stop!
It has 24 whistling classics used in start up videos.
And they're all whistled by the original artist.

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