Toothbrush Test

When you want to get acquired, you’ve got to pass what Google CEO Larry Page calls “the toothbrush test.”

reeling in the cash as of this particular moment.
>> And we don't really have a lot of users.
>> And our product isn't necessarily finished yet.
>> And maybe we don't understand tetshnology.
>> But really, who needs all that garbage when you've got these?
See you Matt, have a good trip man.
>> See you, bon vyage.
>> You guys sure can handle this pitch meeting all right?
>> Totally, yeah. >> Oh yeah.
>> Okay, because we really need this company to acquire us, I mean really.
>> Yeah, we got it man.
>> Consider us cocquired.
>> Yeah. >> Right, just remember all you need to do,
pass the toothbrush test.
>> Right.
Pass the test.
>> What, what is that again?
>> I told you.
What Google's CEO Larry Page is always talking about,
the toothbrush test, you know?
It's what they ask before they acquire a company.
They say, is this something that people will use once or twice a day?
Toothbrush test, guys.
>> Toothbrush test. >> Toothbrush test.
>> Thank you. >> Yes.
Love it.
>> See you. >> Have a good trip.
>> I'd actually like to see your cash flow.
>> Flow?
Dental floss?
Oh yeah, dude, oh dude.
>> He's the guy to talk to.
>> I am always flowsing, man.
>> We call him the puppet master because he always got those strings.
>> Yeah, bro.
Yeah, I floss a lot.
>> I just love to watch him work.
>> I floss so much that my gums start bleeding.
So, that's how you know they're healthy.
>> What about your earnings?
>> Earnings?
>> Yeah.
>> Fillings. >> Oh, fillings.
>> Fillings, you mean fillings.
>> Fillings. Fillings.
They're very good, solid gold.
See that?
Here, feel them.
They're totally solid.
>> You gotta touch it.
>> Come on. What?
I'm not going to throw up.
>> He might throw up.
Does this smell rancid to you?
>> Did you guys bring anything relevant to this meeting?
>> Oh yeah.
>> Yeah.
Very glad you asked,
because here is your very own toothbrush travel kit that is yours.
>> And guess what?
Kwanza came early home boy.
We got mouth-guards.
>> Uh-oh, uh-oh.
>> I'm what you call a grinder.
When I go to sleep at night, my brain wants to turn itself off, but
my body wants to destroy itself.
Just pop in this bad boy and problem solved.
Really good, right?
>> Real good.
>> Where are you going?
>> Dude, we had a.
>> You going to brush your teeth?
>> I think it went well, man.
>> I do.
When you pulled out that mouth-guard, I was like, oh, here we go.
Do you want to use the floss?
Please, that would be great.
Thanks, man.

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