Too Similar

Apple claims our developers created iPhone games “too similar” to existing apps.

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>> What?
>> Zack and I built a bunch of sweet new game apps,
but Apple pulled them all because they're too similar to existing games.
>> It's ridiculous.
I mean, the games are completely different.
>> Well let's see em.
>> Uh, okay.
>> Sure.
>> Yeah.
First game.
Salad Samurai.
Basically you slice the salad with the sword.
>> Oh, it's Fruit Ninja.
>> No, it's Salad Samurai.
Very different.
>> No, it's Fruit Ninja, I've been playing it for months.
All right.
Let's see what else you have, smartass.
>> Sure.
Test one, right here.
It's where you get seven tiles
>> Oh, nice.
You guys are playing Scrabble.
I love Scrabble.
I'm the king of it.
You know, my trick is?
I spell the word Scrabble You automatically win.
>> No, no.
This is Scramble.
>> Scrabble's something you do when you're
at your grandmother's house drinking prune juice.
>> It's the same thing.
>> Right.
>> Did you guys make any original games?
>> Uh, yeah.
Words with Acquaintances.
>> Solitary.
>> Front Gammon.
>> Dungeons and Monsters.
>> And of course, the coup de grace, Passive Aggressive Birds.
>> Guys.
That's Angry Birds.
>> What?
>> Look.
These birds aren't angry, they make comments under their breath.
It's very different.
>> Fine.
I'll fly through the air, I'll kill some pigs.
I guess you're in charge.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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