To-Do List

This amazing new app for to-do lists will change EVERYTHING.

>> Mm-hm?
>> I just got this new to-do list app and
I've already done half the things I'm supposed to do today.
>> That's great, Charles.
>> [LAUGH] thanks.
Actually, I have this new to-do list app.
>> Really?
>> Yeah.
>> I am listening.
>> Yeah, okay so what you do is you you take a pen.
>> Wait.
I'm going to write this down in my write down app.
Analog writing utensil.
Got it.
>> Then you're going to find a piece of paper.
>> Can I get that online?
>> Sure.
>> Should I just Google paper, or?
>> And then you write down your to-do list on the piece of paper.
>> Okay.
>> With my thumbs?
>> With the pen.
Step one.
>> I'm liking this app.
[LAUGH] Cool.
And then what?
>> And then you do the things on the list that you wrote down.
>> All right, this is a cool app.
>> And then when you're done with your list, you just throw it away.
>> There's no share function?
How do I share my list with my friends?
>> Like this.
>> So can I get that for Android or is that just like an iPhone thing, or?

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