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In this Dutch TV interview, Vooza’s CEO explains why he cultivates a life of failure, uses psychedelics, and considers himself a thought leader.

studio it's Matt Ruby.
absolute superstar from that moment in the startup scene.
Matt Ruby of Vooza, welcome to our show.
so great to have you here.
Let's talk about Vooza a little bit.
For those that might not know what it is.
I can't imagine, but-
>> Sure, it's been in beta for about four years now.
But we're planning on releasing it any day now probably, and
it combines big data, the Cloud, virtual reality, artificial intelligence.
What else?
Internet of Things, wearable tech, and-
>> Yeah, and this is all in one app, right?
>> All in one app, and brings it together in a way that's really going to
change the way people live and breathe.
>> Okay, and now one thing about your wardrobe.
I heard something about your wardrobe.
Could you-
>> I just always dress like Steve Jobs.
Because I find that it's a really good way to let people just know
instantly by my appearance that I am a thought leader and
that I have a lot in common with Steve Jobs, starting with how I dress.
And if I dress like Steve Jobs, I start to think like Steve Jobs, and I
like to think I stand at the intersection of technology and the humanities.
And so, that's why I dress like someone who's standing at that
intersection, trying to flag a cab of progress.
>> Trying to flag the cab of progress, yeah.
>> Exactly, yeah.
>> And do you have a life lesson for me and for the viewers?
>> Well, I think you've just got to keep iterating.
Everyday, you've gotta shed that skin of the past.
Take all of those past failures, and then compound them.
because, as we all know, failure is how you learn.
>> So you just got to keep failing over and over again.
And I think if you look-
>> Failing is the thing.
Failing is the key.
>> Failing is the key to success.
And I think if you look at how much we failed at Vooza,
you can see how smart we've have become.
because this constant failure, this life of failure that I've been living,
is just proof of what a success I am.
>> Right, we are calling the crazy ones at the next web,
this here, calling the crazy ones.
In what way are you crazy?
>> I mean, I'm actually literally crazy.
I've been in an insane asylum for a few years.
A long history of schizophrenia in my family.
But with a lot of help of electro shock treatment-
>> Yeah, medications.
>> Yeah, I've overcome a lot of it.
So, I think a lot of people,
they're maybe posing as crazy and I think I'm coming-
>> People here as well?
Do you think people here are posing as crazy?
>> There's a little bit of people who are posing as crazy and I think-
>> I'm crazy.
I'm crazy. >> Yeah, exactly.
I think I bring a real authenticity to insanity.
Yeah, I think I'm coming from a place of genuine, authentic crazy and
I think people can sense that authenticity.
>> Right, could you describe that place?
because it's also the place where your inspiration comes from, I guess.
>> Sure, I mean it's a little bit manic.
It might be the result of using a lot of psychedelics when I was younger.
That may be related to it.
>> Only when you were younger, right?
>> Well, I mean also every morning.
But it's something that helps me sort of get my juices flowing,
be more creative.
I start every- >> You're on drugs now?
>> Almost all the time, yeah, including now.
I mean, I start every morning by drinking Long Island Ayahuasca Tea,
which is a combination of Ayahuasca, magic mushrooms,
ketamine, MDMA, and a few other substances, too.
And that's how I start my day.
And I take a whole glass of that.
I really let it soak in.
And then I head to the office or at least what I think is the office.
I'm not sure.
It could be
I could be sitting in traffic.
I could be at a cave.
Exactly, it doesn't even matter at that point.
Because you know what, I'm in the office of my head.
>> And now I'm being creative.
Now I'm in flow.
Now I'm connected to the universe in a really sort of wonderful way.
And yeah, I think some people, yeah, maybe they think that's crazy.
Sometimes sanity looks a little crazy.
>> Thank you so much for this interview.
>> Thank you.
I appreciate it. [MUSIC]

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