It’s Like Uber For…

Steve’s got a new app idea and it is just like Uber. Kinda.

Thanks everybody for coming to my presentation
for my new App idea I appreciate it.
Have you heard about my new app?
>> No.
>> Okay.
So, it is Like Uber For Dry Cleaning.
Okay, that's just like, that's the joke, that's the joke idea.
So basically my new app is like Uber for babysitting.
That's a dumb one.
That's fine.
I, I have tons more.
This is just like one thing I was like I was thinking about.
okay, it's it's like Uber for transvestites.
hey, hey.
I still got, I still got, that's just like.
This is a warm up ideas.
It's like Uber but for pizza grease.
It's like Uber for Jake Gillenhall.
All right?
Oh, no, no no.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
Oh, oh this is the one.
It's like [SOUND] excuse me, hey, it's
like Uber but for instincts on your shirt.
It's like, it's like Uber for arthritis.
Uber for tool sheds.
All right we're flowing here, the ideas
are coming, you're writing these down, right?
It's like, it's like Uber for karate.
All right, okay, this is the one.
It's like Uber, but for taxi cabs.
>> You know what you sound like?
>> What?
>> Like Uber for [SOUND].
>> Okay, see, that would be a good
idea, except I'm already doing Uber for douchebags.
So you'll be hearing from my lawyers if you try to use that one.
They're like Uber but for frivolous lawsuits.
They're called Sue Yoooou but with four o's.
Laura, I'm still talking to you Laura.
I'm feeling kind of vulnerable and alone right now.
It's like Uber for suicides.
That's a good one.
Uber for suicides [INAUDIBLE].
But how do I test that?
I need a sad person.
Hey, Sogger, Sogg can you come in and help me open this window?

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