The Pitch

Vooza’s CEO and VP of Biz Dev share insights about what it takes to craft a great pitch. Hint: It involves storytelling, passion, a willingness to fail, and Mongolian monks.

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When we pitch Vooza, we're telling a story about our business.
It's not marketing, it's storytelling.
You know, Vooza's idea that creates a very emotional response in people.
You know, people hear about what we're
doing here and usually there's laughter, or tears.
>> A lot of tears.
>> Yeah, that's how we know it's an idea that resonants with them.
>> The key to pitching is to show your strength as a team.
>> What does Vooza do?
>> Well you are not gonna believe it.
>> You want them to see your passion.
>> This has never happened before.
>> For how passionate you are.
>> Yeah, I mean I don't care where someone went to school.
I care about whether or not they have a PhD in passion.
I mean that's the PhD that counts to me.
>> Our first pitch wasn't actually to investors, it was to customers.
And it was a good thing that we did that preliminary pitch.
We found out that that idea wasn't that great.
It was an app that allows you to diagnose
your own symptoms and operate on yourself if need be.
>> Yeah.
We called it Hypochondriac.
>> And it turns out they were not into that idea.
And then there are more better after that.
>> I mean, that's part of pitching, is failing.
>> And that's when you need to remember that pitching
is, is 10% success, and the other 90% is failure.
And that's what I remind myself all the time.
It's okay to fail, I am a failure.
>> I mean, I tell him all the time what a failure he is.
>> And I appreciate that.
Thank you.
You're also a failure.
>> Thank you.
>> You're welcome.
>> Failure is how you get.
To more failure.
Cuz if you can't articulate your startup in under ten seconds,
you're talking too much about implementation, and not enough about vision.
>> I gotta say, I think the ten seconds is too long.
I think you should be able to convey your idea in just a sound.
>> All right, Steve.
What's Vooza about?
>> It's like Meeeeowww.
>> I feel like I have a sound that's a little more descriptive.
>> What's
>> [NOISE]
>> Even that's too long I would just be like [NOISE].
>> [NOISE]
>> [NOISE] Aah!
>> [LAUGH]
>> Unga.
I learned that from the Yoso monks of Mongolia.
>> Ah.
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