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Your office design needs to support your culture and encourage a cross-fertilization of ideas. The key is to encourage serendipity and unexpected connections.

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Your office design needs to support your culture.
It starts with our location here in New York City.
>> We pride ourselves on bringing something special to the local community.
You know, New York isn't really a big design town.
So we're trying to shake things up a bit.
>> You know, we get out into the streets, feel what the locals feel.
And then, bring that dynamic nature back into our office.
>> Go [SOUND] yourself!
>> What I love about this space is, it has a kind of grit to it.
[NOISE] And maintaining that grit is one of the challenge is.
Making sure the space, and then trying to be something that it isn't.
So that's why we rarely clean the bathrooms.
You know?
Some people are like, ugh, is that a fungus?
And I'm like, no, that's a vibrant culture.
>> We wanna see a cross-fertilization of ideas.
It's about serendipity, unexpected connections.
That's why I watch the movie Serendipity at
least three times a week at my desk.
One of my serindipi-dont's, don't interrupt me when I'm watching my movie.
Love it.
It's the best.
>> One of the first things visitors ask
is how do you keep it so quiet here.
And I always say, shh!
Library rules.
then they're like, what?
And I'm like, shh!
Library rules.
>> I mean, it's not just an office.
It's like an experience.
>> All right.
Here's something I'm really proud of.
Uh, this is a family tree that my son drew.
And he depicted me as a laptop, and I think that
just really goes to show I'm giving this company all I've got.
Really warms the heart.
>> I mean.
I just loved it here at Vooza.
It's like a whole bunch of Oompa-Loompas working around here.
Like one big chocolate factory, and I want to eat it all up.
>> I can't.
It's so good.
>> [COUGH].
>> That kind of office.
>> [COUGH].
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