The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT, may be the most important online development yet. But what do you do when your smart fridge wants to talk?

You're going to get left behind.
You know the Internet of things is coming.
All your appliances, your tools,
your vehicles they're going to be talking to each other.
>> Really?
>> Oh yeah.
Your washing machine will tell you if you're out of detergent.
Your can opener it's going to be talking to your light bulbs.
>> [LAUGH] >> Yeah but
why would I want my can opener attached to my light bulbs.
>> Because it could save lives, Sara.
Anyway, if you want to see the future of the future,
check out this new smart fridge that I just bought for the office.
Look at this baby.
>> It looks like a regular fridge.
>> It does, doesn't it?
But, it has an advanced sensor, it has an 8-bit microcontroller and
it has low connectivity to the wi-fi.
I'm telling you, this thing's amazing.
I can tweet from it.
Also, it'll turn blue when it's about to rain.
And it's a baby monitor.
It let's you know if you left a baby in there.
>> Guys, why is my beverage warm?
>> Well, doesn't actually keep anything cool.
I got too many apps running on it.
But that's why I bought this smart fan.
>> What's a smart fan?
>> It's a fan that talk to your toothpaste tube, and your kitty litter.
>> Okay.
>> But I don't understand.
>> Well, okay.
[SOUND] So, you have, like a two.
Oh wait, hold on, sorry.
This smart fridge is calling me.
No. How would I know that you have a yogurt preference?
I didn't authorize you to order three cases of yogurt.
You're right. I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have yelled at you.
It's just that sometimes when you order things without me I feel
like you don't need me.
[LAUGH] No you are.
[LAUGH] I know, I had so much fun too.
I want you to meet my parents.
Yeah, I'm ready for that.
And one day I want meet your factory.
[LAUGH] You are so funny.
[LAUGH] The funniest fridge.
No. No you are.
[LAUGH] I can't do this right now.
I'm with people.
I can't really go there right now.
I'm in front of some co-workers.
Yeah. I love you too.
>> It's really nice to see that.
That's really nice Charles has got something like that.
>> Steve are you all right?
>> Yeah, I'm fine.
It's taking me back to my college days.
I fell in love with a toaster.
I found that toaster in bed with a Sega Genesis.
I walked in and
the game cartridges was four inches deep inside the toaster.
I could smell the plastic melting.
It was like, smells like plastic sex in here.
>> Steve, come here.
I'm so sorry.

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