The greatest infographic ever made

The Da Vinci of Design offers up wisdom on sculpture, tension, and how to tell a story with graphics. (This episode is sponsored by WeTransfer. They transfer your files from A to B, free of stress/charge, and it couldn’t be simpler.)

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They call me the Da Vinci of design.
Of course, I don't call myself that.
I'm much too humble.
I just tell people to call me the Minister of Information.
I always advise my mentees to put their names on things.
It proves you care about the
contents, will accept responsibility for its validity.
That's why I write my name on everything in the office.
My true passion is my sculptures.
So much of my design work is a war against stupidity.
With my sculptures I can just sit back and enjoy my own private pleasure.
This is my latest work, my latest achievement.
It's made from scrap metal I found at a nuclear power plant.
It glows in the dark and it may be radioactive.
I call him Glibert, Gloubix Glibert.
He was born much like I was.
Out of a rouge womb on the side of the highway.
You should always be tension.
whenever you have a designer that has no tension, be aware.
Tension is what moves the process forward.
Feel that?
That's tension.
That is progress.
I wanna show you a statistical graphic that
I put together, that I'm actually quite impressed with.
I use it as my background at We Transfer, which I use to send large files.
As you can see, the Plus version
allows you to customize your download screen.
I know you'd be into that, right?
>> [LAUGH] I would.
That's be cool.
>> I call it the pudding map.
It's regal, yet refined.
It tells the story of the sprawling bloody horror as
over the course of weeks, cold and hunger set in.
Finishing off the last of the
remaining puddings from the puddings refrigerator.
>> Sounds terrible.
>> You don't even know the beginning of it.
>> Tell me everything?
>> On November 28th, catastrophe happens.
In an attempt to feed an entire conference room
full of visitors, nearly half of the puddings are consumed.
>> Half.
>> That's so many puddings.
>> It's nearly half.
Then in late December, nearly two full months after the
fridge was originally stocked the last of the puddings is eaten.
By a temp.
Ultimately I was only able to eat one of the 42 puddings.
In this doomed campaign.
This, is war and peace as told by visual Tolstoy.
If war and peace was about pudding.
>> It's a masterpiece.
>> Thank you.
>> I'm in awe.
>> Me too.
I've done it again.
>> What is that?
Is that pudding?
>> No, it's Yoo-hoo.
>> What's Yoo-hoo?
>> Kinda like liquid pudding.
>> Are you using this right now?
>> Mm-hm.
>> Can I?
Are you done with it yet or no?
>> Nope, still working.
>> Are you done with it?
>> [SOUND] Uh-uh.
Still working.
>> Hey, what's that over there?
[SOUND] Look at that other thing.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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